Official Rules for the Geek Girls Rule! Geekiest Tattoo Contest!

To enter, send a color photo of your tattoo to before March 15th (I’m partial to the Ides).

From The Guild's site, this is so cute!

Rule 1: It must be a tattoo on  YOUR body.  Meaning, if I get multiple submissions of the same tattoo, unless you can unequivocally prove that it’s yours, everone gets disqualified.

Rule 2: Keep it PG-13.  This is a family(-ish) blog.  Photos of tattoos on or near visible genitals will be disqualified, and quite possibly mocked.

That’s about it.  I’m not big on rules.  I realize a lot of this is on the honor system.

The prize will be a DVD copy of all four seasons of The Guild, courtesy of Felicia Day and New Video NYC.  And just to clear this up, there are only three boxes.  The first box has both seasons 1 and 2 in it.  I add this, because it has a two on the spine (saying 2 DVDs included) and both the Geek Husband What Rules and I were, “Did they forget to ship Season 1?”  Reading comprehension is not just for other people, I swear.

I will post the winner, and some runners-up who might get something if I have anything neat to toss their way that relates to the geekiness of their tattoos.  I will post all of the worksafe entries after the contest is over, on the new Geek Girls Rule! tumblr account.

The Tumblr is also where I do Hot Geek of the Week and post random stuff that doesn’t really merit a full entry over here.

And as a reminder, we also have a Facebook page and a Twitter.

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