Geek Girls Rule! Podcast 17

I talk about PAX, ZomBcon, AmberconNW, and lots of stuff.

Geek Girls Rule Podcast 17

Go check it out!!!!

Me and Hello Kitty
Me and Hello Kitty at ZomBcon

3 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! Podcast 17

  1. Thanks, Hans!!! I just read your blog post on it. I think a lot of it is that at 14 we’re not necessarily looking for high art, I mean, that’s the stuff they “make” us read in English classes, and we just don’t have the experience, vocabulary or sophistication to really pick things apart yet.

    There are some of those books that have enough of an emotional tie for me, that I don’t care that they’re less than good, but for the most part if I LOVED it an 14 or 15, I’m just going to let my warm and fuzzy memories live on, and I’m not going to try to read it again.

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