Geek Girls Rule! #141 – Welcome to the New Geek Girls Rule!

Hi!  It’s been a long time coming, but we have our new website up, and I’m loving the design.  This requires a number of “Thank Yous.”

First, I’d like to thank Pete Venters of Magic the Gathering fame, and many other RPG art products.  Pete is an awesome artist, and he designed the logo after listening to me hemming and hawing and saying, “Um, yeah, have her sitting on a die!  That’d be cool!  And comic books, and stompy boots, and stripey tights and…”  Anyone who can take the burble that came out of my mouth and turn it into a coherent logo is a total wizard in my book!

Next I want to thank my wonderful, beautiful and talented webmistress, Colleen Matthis of   I need to thank her for helping me customize the template we found at Elegant Themes, and listening to me say things like, “No, too light, but not too much darker, but no, yes, um, there!”  So, for having the patience of a saint and listening to me wibble constantly about what’s big enough and should we do advertising and whatever, she deserves a medal and a HUGE thank you!

I also want to thank everyone who keeps reading and commenting.  Even the ones who don’t agree with me.  Even the trolls, who frequently make me laugh like a loon and make the WTF? face.  Besides, I figure if I’m pissing someone off, I must be doing something right.

And thank you to the lurkers who never say anything, but I see you in the stats, yes, I do.

We’re not quite done tweaking things just yet.  I still need to put things in categories and do more tagging.  We’re still finalizing accounts for the other Geek Girls What Rule! and figuring out what goes where.  I’m thinking of starting up a Geek of the Week feature, in addition to the other stuff I post.  Also, we will soon have actual schwag with the logo on it, so if you think of anything you might like to have sporting the GGR logo, let me know.

If you would like to advertise on the GGR website, please email me at and we’ll talk.  Or hell, write to tell me if you like the site, or if you have suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #141 – Welcome to the New Geek Girls Rule!

  1. I like the logo, but I had to control-+ four times to make the text legible, and that makes the tags in the sidebar enormous! Could you use a bigger font size please? (On the other hand, I usually hate things printed on coloured backgrounds, but this is OK.)

  2. Congrats on the move, Looks like a good setup, nice redesign! It’s actually pretty easy to read too, so you picked up the right background.

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