RIP Luna Vashon

Luna Vachon in the WWE

Luna Vachon, a wonderful wrestler in her own right, taught by the Fabulous Moolah, as well as the members of her own family, the Vachons, passed away in her home on August 27, 2010.  She was short, stocky, with tattoos, funny hair and a voice like a poorly maintained chainsaw.  A female wrestler who actually looked like she could really fuck your shit up, instead of the lingerie models currently in favor in the bigger federations, Luna rocked my world.

Whatever you think of Pro-wrestling, that it’s fake, scripted (yes), you have to admit that the wrestlers are athletes, amazing athletes, or they wouldn’t be able to pull of those moves without seriously damaging themselves or each other.  Like many professional athletes they incur sports injuries that lead to chronic, lifelong conditions, many painful.  Wrestlers, like football and hockey players, sacrifice their bodies to their careers, and Luna was no different.

Mick Foley has written a beautiful tributeto Luna, whom he counted as a friend.   Really, you should go read it.  I don’t think I, or anyone else who never got the honor of meeting her, can do her proper justice.

Rest in Peace, Luna.  You are missed.

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