Arts and Crafts with the Geek Girl What Rules!

So, Sunday is ordinarily a blogging-free zone at my house, because I do need one declared day off a week.  But this Sunday, I spent several hours geekifying one of my favorite bags.

It wound up in the lost and found at the nightclub where I worked, with no ID, a faded almost legible name on the front in sharpie, and a hand made notebook made of binder paper and twist-ties.  No one claimed it for six months, and as was our policy, the club employees got first pick before we took the lost and found items to a local thrift store run by a charity.

I love this bag, but it needed something.  And today it got it.

I bled for this.  Jammed the needle under my right index fingernail, and my left thumbnail, and bent one needle beyond recognition.  But it’s worth it.  The shiny thing in the upper right hand corner is a Nightcrawler button.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got one more patch that will balance this out, somewhere.  But I’m waiting until my fingers have healed for that.

Ok, that’s it for now.  Have a good week everybody.

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