4 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! – 132.5 NewsFlash

  1. I hear you completely on this. Marvel has been pushing Wolverine hard ever since the movies came out, and it’s bloody annoying. I’m beginning to get sick of Wolverine, and he’s one of a handful of Canadian superheroes in the Marvel universe.

    Heck, have you seen Wolverine & the X-Men? Total BS. The whole show revolves solely around Wolverine where he can do no frakking wrong.

    Good lord, this is way too much Wolverine. So much for developing and promoting new characters to bring new fans in, eh Marvel? Then again, Marvel has taken on the policy of actively pissing off its fanbase.

  2. Yeah, the entire shift towards just marketing 1 character is extremely irritating, particularly when they have to make the everyone else suck to make it happen. I guess we can say Legolas is LoTR’s wolverine~

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