Guess What I Got Today?

Our dinosaur drawing!  The Tiny Geek totally dug on Dinosaur Camp, and drove his mom nuts in weeks leading up to it.  Apparently there was an earlier picture, but unfortunately, it wasn’t high enough contrast to scan well.  So we went for the minimalist approach on this one.  I blanked out the Tiny Geek’s name to preserve anonymity: 

By The Tiny Geek
Dinosaur Picture by the Tiny Geek

Yes, we all done good by this.  When the Tiny Geek is a famous Paleontologist, we can all bring this up at lectures.  Because we’re buttheads, altruistic buttheads, but buttheads.

2 thoughts on “Guess What I Got Today?

  1. Strange to see that kids these days are learning the correct name Apatosaurus rather than the old name Brontosaurus. Appropriate, but kind of saddening.

    “My best friends are dinosaurs, I love their scaly necks….”

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