GGR Newsblip: Another Author who GETS IT!

Cecilia Tan, author of the Magic University universe, approves of Fanfiction.  She also recounts conversations with lawyers that give lie to the “I’m protecting my copyright” fiction a lot of authors use to justify their stance. 

You don’t have to justify, guys.  If you don’t like it, just say you don’t like it.  “It’s the lying I find so hurtful.”*

*Extra geek points if you can name the source of that quote.

3 thoughts on “GGR Newsblip: Another Author who GETS IT!

  1. Woo! Thanks for the shoutout.

    I think a lot of authors these days are starting to get it. I couldn’t help but notice that a few big names even reversed their positions recently, including Mercedes Lackey, who had been a protege of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s and so had lived through the initial supportiveness of that era’s fanfic, and then shut it down after the much talked about mess between MZB and a fan writer which ended with the scuttling of a Darkover novel.

  2. @Rachael – Wooo!

    @Cecilia – Yeah, I’ve been talking this over with a lot of fanfic-y and non-fanfic-y friends, and we’re kind of chalking it up to people not understanding Media 2.0 and how it works, and how fast word spreads. But the ones who understand it and get it, know how to work it.

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