Geek Girls Rule! #91 – LEGO Batman


Review over. 

Seriously, I picked this up over the weekend, having previously enjoyed the LEGO Star Wars:  The Complete Saga.  I expected to like dinking around with it, and occasionally handing it over to the Geek Husband What Rules when I got  bored and hadn’t hit a save point yet. 

Nope.  I spent most of Saturday and Sunday hunched over the DS, happily climbing, grappeling, gliding and exploding my way through the levels. 

I find LEGO Batman easier to navigate than LEGO Star Wars.  Getting from place to place is more intuitive.  I also like that switching between characters to do things is far more integral to the play than before, and not just for opening doors.  I enjoy the comic style cut scenes in the story mode, and find the LEGO art highly entertaining and engaging. 

I give LEGO Batman two thumbs up.  And the cats are pleased with it as well, seeing as it makes Mom immobile for fairly large chunks of time. 

The only downside is it takes the damn thing forever to get past the title screens and everything.  Yes, I know… I also hurry the microwave.  I’m impatient, I can’t help it.  Oh, and Poison Ivy’s the only “boss” you don’t get to fight with physically.  Sigh.

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