Geek Girls Rule! #90 – Go Play NW Recap

I would like to start this by thanking Ping, Phil and Tony for putting in all the effort to make GoPlayNW 2009 a rousing success!!!  You guys rock on so many levels… You’re probably quantum by now.

Ok, fine, so that doesn’t make any sense, but they did an incredible job.  Really, really awesome convention.  The venue was pretty decent, and it was surrounded by awesome food options in every price range.

Friday night arrived in time for the welcome to GoPlay banquet!  Much yummy BBQ was eaten, and lots of talking happened.  We met Johnstone, my buddy Chris made it, I licked Ryan Macklin, it was great.  I didn’t game in the first slot Friday, because I’d had a shit week at work, so Lesley and I sat and talked while I knitted, then she abandoned me for Jungle Speed, and I chatted with Mike Sugarbaker and a few other people.

Saturday, we got up bright and early, picked up Lee and Melissa and headed for GoPlay.  First slot, Ogre, I, Dave Dunn (who listens to my podcast, bless him), Dana, Macklin, Jeremy, Daniel and Ralph Mazza played a game of Primetime Adventures, where we played a show within a show about a dysfunctional kids show and listing out all the fucked up characters would take too long.  Let’s just say I never want to have to make sex noises while pretending to be a squid puppet again, and Macklin stole the show:  “Live long and prosper all over those mother fuckers.”  We were shushed by other tables.

We then went and had hotdogs at Shorty‘s with Jason Morningstar*, who is an amazingly nice guy.  I think we overwhelmed him a bit at first, but then again, we’re a bit overwhelming most of the time.

Then Ogre, Andy, Johnstone, Jackson and I played Beasthunters, run by Lesley.  It was pretty darn cool.  I had never played Beasthunters before, and I’m definitely looking forward to playing it again.  We played it pretty straight, in spite of Ogre and Andy’s best efforts.

Slot 3 on Saturday, I played in a playtest of sorts for Joel Shempert’s ashcan Spectre of the Beast.  He’s still tweaking mechanics, but it’s very promising.  We played with four players, and managed to get through a short epoch in the time allotted.  I thwarted Joel’s ambition in two turns, and destroyed someone else’s civilization.  It’s a game about how violence begets more violence, and for once I decided to be the violent dick.  I hope he publishes it soon.  I bought the ashcan for $5.

I actually got to meet Matt Wilson of Prime Time Adventure fame and shake his hand and tell him how awesome his game is.  Then I scurried off to run the Keep.

Slot 4 on Saturday I ran the Keep again.  Ok, I have had exactly one game of the Keep be relatively serious, and this was not it.  I had Dave Dunn, Jeremy and his girlie Dawn, my buddy Chris and Dana in it.  They did a great job, and were also the first ones to have any qualms whatsoever about decapitating the Captain of the Guard once he said the word “werewolf.”  They also scolded me for not killing anyone, or having them infected.  I’m such a softie.

Sunday morning I got up, drove Ogre over to Lee and Melissa’s so they could head to down to GoPlay, drove home and slept for a few hours, before getting up and heading down myself.

The one slot I played in was the last one, and Carl Rigney ran Don’t Rest Your Head for me, Jim Chokey and Ralph Mazza.  Another fine game of DRYH from Carl.  I always enjoy when he runs.  Ralph played a cop chasing a serial killer, I played an artist trying to get ready for my first real show, and Jim played a slacker getting thrown out of his place.  Funnier than the last Rigney run game of DRYH I played in, but still a wonderful time.  “Oh, I get it.  I’m the spooky, emo art chick, so I should cut myself to see if I still feel?  Fuck you, Nick!”

After that slot, we possed up a bunch of folks and went down to Marrakesh for Moroccan food.  They were nice enough to stay open, and serve us.  Macklin, his buddy Jeremy Tidwell, me and Ogre, Ralph Mazza, Brendan, Kingston, Lukas and Lesley, John and Victoria, Andy, Evilandi and Dave had a great time eating with our fingers and telling “war stories.”

Ogre ran two of his original games there, “Combat Diaries:  Omaha Beach” and “Rock and Roll Confidential.”  Hopefully I’ll get him to get them down in final form and we can make them available to everyone.  They’ve both got relatively simple mechanics.

All in all, some world class gaming and really great camaraderie.  I got to reconnect with my buddy Paul (Hi, Paul!), see the Vancouver, BC contigent again, squish Jackson, and laugh until I hurt.  GoPlayNW:  Made of Pure Fucking Awesome!

*Damn it, Jason.  Your last name keeps getting me spammed by weird ass Fundamentalist end time freaks. 

6 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #90 – Go Play NW Recap

  1. “Oh, I get it. I’m the spooky, emo art chick, so I should cut myself to see if I still feel? Fuck you, Nick!”

    That was funny! But hey, you did take the madness power to draw doorways using your own blood! Which came in handy.

  2. Thanks, Mickey. I’m so glad you enjoyed Spectre. Your energy and enthusiasm made the game soar. And it was great to get to know you and Ogre a bit this weekend. Yay gaming friendship!


  3. It was excellent gaming with you again!

    And having just listened to your 12th podcast, I’m wondering if your friend who only GMs made it to GPNW and played there, and if so how that turned out?

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