Go Play NW!!!!

Quick update.  So far this year I’ve met Jason Morningstar, Ralph Mazza, and Matt Wilson of PTA fame.

I’ve played an awesome game of PTA, Beasthunters, Spectre of the Beast, and then ran the Keep.

I took the morning off to get some sleep, but I’ll be back there later today, and we’ll be going out to dinner with Ryan Macklin of Master Plan.

One thought on “Go Play NW!!!!

  1. It was excellent to get the chance to run DRYH again for you (with Ralph Mazza and James Chokey), and I like to think some future Insomniac will find a door to the Mad City hidden in one of Jessie’s pictures.

    I also ran Mountain Witch/Shadowrun and Lacuna Saturday, and had a great time talking with various people and hanging out.

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