Buffy: Oh, Hell No

From the “oh, hell no” news department…

The makers of the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer film want to reboot the franchise as a new film without the participation of Joss Whedon. It would be a remake of the film instead of the television show, but still.

Clearly they forgot that they nearly killed the concept in its cradle with a poor film, and it was Joss who rescued his own idea from the clutches of mediocrity with an outstanding television show. Do they really think they can do better without him?

This can only end in fail.

3 thoughts on “Buffy: Oh, Hell No

  1. Oh come on. It worked /great/ when they adapted Joss’s comic to create X-Men United. Oh wait…

  2. This has been keeping me awake at night. I understand the logic behind doing something like this, but I just love the Buffy series that exists too much to view this project as anything but a travesty. A scary scary travesty.

    Heck, Buffy Season 8 was a bad idea, and that had Joss (although he does kind of suck at writing comics, but that’s another subject entirely).

    Remember in the 80’s when they did that American remake of Breathless? It was a gaping void of suck. Breathless was an auteur movie, Buffy is an auteur tv show. Simple as that.

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