Yours truly is a guest blogger at the blog for the California Chapter of the National Organization for Women. 


I would like to thank Elena Perez for inviting me to goob all over their website.  I get to be the edgy guest blogger.  Eeee!  I’ve never been “edgy” before.  I’m very excited. 

Some of the stuff I’ll be posting there is new, some is things I’ve adapted from here and from the Polimicks blog.  I just hope I don’t piss anyone off too badly.

2 thoughts on “NEWS!!!

  1. Congrats !

    I discovered the polimicks blog via this post. Wow ! I’m just realizing the variety of topics you’re writing about. I indirectly found the Breaking the Silence: On Living Pro-Lifers’ Choice for Women article too. A big slap in the face, a very important document I think.

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