Review: CSI: Las Vegas, Episode 9.20, “A Space Oddity”

The beloved science fiction show Astro Quest (a thinly disguised Star Trek: The Original Series) is being remade as a dark, violent show called Astro Quest Redux (a thinly veiled New Battlestar Galatica). At an Astro Quest convention, the producer of Astro Quest Redux is found murdered. Could he have been killed by an angry fan of the original show?

This funny episode is written by former New BGS staff writers David Weddle & Bradley Thompson and former Star Trek: The Next Generation and Farscape staff writer Naren Shankar, all of whom are now on the writing staff of this show, and directed by New BSG veteran Michael Nankin. It’s an affectionate satire of science fiction shows and fans wrapped up in a murder mystery. It’s also more of a CSI Lite episode in that it focuses on two of the lab techs rather than the CSIs, allowing cast members Wallace Langham (Hodges) and Liz Vassey (Wendy) a chance to shine.

New BSG creator Ron Moore has a cameo, and he’s given the honor of playing a fan of Astro Quest who upon seeing a promo for the dark remake Astro Quest Redux stands up and shouts at the producer, “you suck!” That’s such an awesome and funny moment, considering how many fans of the original BSG are vocal in their dislike of his remake. New BSG actresses Grace Park and Rekha Sharma have non-speaking cameos, and Kate Vernon has an important speaking role.

This episode is completely made of win, especially if you’re a fan of what it’s satirizing.

2 thoughts on “Review: CSI: Las Vegas, Episode 9.20, “A Space Oddity”

  1. I haven’t watched CSI since the first year it was out, but had to watch this ep for all the BSGness of it. I wasn’t disappointed, although I think the most fun of it was catching all of the inside jokes and trying to spot all the BSG alums. Great review.

  2. Sounds like a CSI Miami I might actually enjoy. I loath David Caruso but still gave the show 3 episodes to win me over. It didn’t.

    Of course all of this also reminds me of a satirical mystery based at a sci-fi convention: Bimbos of the Death Sun. A friend saw it in the dealers room at a local sci-fi convention, handed it to me, and said “You’ll know everyone in this book and it will amuse you!” It did.

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