Sci Fi Channel Aims to Shed Geeky Image With New Name

The new name is silly. Too bad the network isn’t announcing a commitment to more quality genre shows and an end to “reality” shows, wrestling, and telefilms that would make Ed Wood cringe.

And “TV historian” Tim Brooks is seriously an idiot.

It’s also insulting that one of the reasons for doing this is the network wants to appeal more to women. Apparently, they don’t realize that the Stargate franchise, Battlestar Galactica, and Doctor Who have huge female fanbases. Female genre fans don’t need silly network names to attract us, just give us some good genre shows.

5 thoughts on “Syfy

  1. Part of it is that SyFy is copywriteable and SciFi isn’t – so they can creat their own imprints.

    OTOH, no looking into the whole “syfy in Polish means crusty scabs from VD”, is hilarious. The network has announced that it’s going to stay SciFi Polska and not SyFy Polska.

    That said, SciFi has been from almost its inception /against/ SF/Fantasy materials. The network heads basically want to make it USA2. I for one hope the succeed in their goal and go broke. It’d be nice for the SciFi successor to actually want to produce quality genre programming. Maybe we could get our Farscape back…

  2. I’m astonished to see the “suits” at Skiffy claiming they want women, when they keep f*cking with the programming in ways clearly intended to bring in the teen/20’s gamer-boys. They drop “Stargate” and “Stargate Atlantis” (both with strong female fan-groups) in favor of “Stargate Universe”, with younger actors for an “edgy” “new” feel… it’s as big a “screw you” to their existing fans as the cliche’ male-menopause jerk dumping his faithful wife of a decade or so for some Bimbo Du Jour.

    I wonder how many more episodes of “Stargate Atlantis” they could’ve bought with what they paid the consultants and spin-doctors and advertising/marketing airheads who gave us this “crusty scabs” idiocy?

  3. Totally. I haven’t watched BSG, but my girlfriend is totally into it. There’s nothing about “SyFy” that will attract women or men to it. Making good shows will attract people to it. My girl is a much bigger fan of ensemble sci-fi shows than I am.

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