I am very disappointed in TNA this week.

I’ve been watching for about half an hour, and there’s finally a match.  Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed -v- Sojourner Bolt and Rhaka Khan.

Seriously, guys, that’s a bad case of WWE you got going there.  Can the talking, and get to the wrestling.  Seriously.   No one watches for the plots, we just want the wrassling.  You used to deliver that.  Try going back to it.  We’d all appreciate it.

That said, Rhaka Khan has some impressive mike skills.  And she’s just so damn tall.  Holy shit.  But she moves and sells so well.

Sojourner needs a little more seasoning, her timing’s just a touch off.

Nice match.  I just wish there were more of them.

Oh, for the love of… Hoobastank?  Really, guys?  Come on!  Bad bands, lot’s of talking…


At least get a band that doesn’t suck.  How about Pantera or anyone who isn’t a bunch of morons with wallet chains and bad hair?  Hoobastank’s about as edgy as Hanson.  Seriously.  Barf. My grandmother plays a meaner guitar.

Ok, this X-division match had damn well make up for the rest of the show, because I am rapidly growing disillusioned with my favorite wrestling federation.

Ok, the contract signing, with Angle jumping Jarrett, and Foley running down to the ring dressed like a middle-aged Mafia wife  from somewhere in Jersey made up for it.

And as Ogre pointed out, it’s only all talking because they’re leading up to the PPV.  That said, I really hate the shows that lead up to PPVs.  More wrestling, less talking.  Please.

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