Geek Girls Rule! #77 – New Blood Bowl!!!!!


In case you haven’t guessed, I am panty-moisteningly excited over this!  The Geek Husband What Rules and I have the board game, and we have the original PC game on 3 1/4 floppy disks that will only run on the 10 year old machine I keep for that reason, and the fact that I haven’t been motivated enough to pull all my pictures off of it.  It still works, but currently lives in the closet.

Joystiq has the trailer.

ETA:  The Blood Bowl website.

Apparently, Cyanide games has decided to release the game on PC, Xbox, DS and PSP.  DS!!  I know what I’m going to be doing during my commute after this comes out.  This decision has PS3 fans wringing their hands in grief.  Cyanide has said that it is too expensive and so too big a financial risk to program for the PS3, but if the game does well, they might consider porting it over.

I just hope it’s half as much fun as the original PC game.  I also hope that you’ll still be able to play two player on the PC version, because it’s been almost a decade since I kicked the Mister’s ass at this game on a computer.  They better have Eldar in this version, or I am going to be exceptionally disappointed.

One of the best parts was listening to the little dudes make “Uhhh!” noises when they got tackled, leaving little pools of blood on the field.

This game is the reason I dropped a grad level Lit course I was taking as an undergrad.  Because I was much more interested in watching Orcs and Dwarves beat the crap out of each other on a digital football field than I was in reading the works of Pope.  I eventually had to ground myself from it.

The trailer looks awesome, but like I said, a lot of my happiness with this game is going to hinge on exactly which races they include, not to mention how smoothly play flows and on whether it has a multi-player mode.

Since they’re doing it in DS, I’m kind of hoping for a Wii release as well.  Yes, then I’ll probably wind up buying it in three platforms, but I’m ok with that.  It’s a small price to pay for Blood Bowl whenever and where ever I want it.

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