In Lieu of real content…

Because I am nursing the mother of all writer’s blocks, I give you Hedgepigs!!!

First, Wash, who has guest hosted the show with me.

Mr. Washburn
Mr. Washburn

And Kaylee:

Kaylee sez towels haz a flavr
Kaylee sez towels haz a flavr

That would be my hands in the picture with Wash, and the Mister’s face behind Kaylee.

Right now I’m watching TNA and wishing that they would NEVER give the Beautiful People mike time.  Wow.  I’m also really, really impressed by the Double Death Valley Driver that Eric Young pulled off against the Motor City Machineguns.  It was brilliant.  Plus the wrestler with the Ref gimmick, Seth something or other, is way better than I had initially had any hope for.

Man, Roxxi is so cute!!

This weekend look for the second half of the Girl Podcasters Podcast, and perhaps some actual content from me if I can manage to defeat the wretched Writer’s Block.  Ugh.  I hate this.  Tons of ideas, right up until the point I’m in front of a computer or have a notebook and pen in front of me.

Holy crap!  The woman they had playing “Governor Palin” just pulled off one hell of a move!!!  Impressive!  I approve highly.

Ok, I’ll leave you so I can be a gribbly fangirl over TNA and go beat up cats.  And, for those of you who don’t know, “beat up cats” is code in our house for snuggle them until they purr themselves senseless.

Ok, one more bit of wrestling gribble.  Kiyoshi reminds me so much of Tejiri, which only makes sense since they both trained under Muta.  I would love to see some pro-wrestling in Japan.  So intense.

Shark Boy!!!  I love Shark Boy!  Ok, I mean it this time.  I’m going.  More later.

3 thoughts on “In Lieu of real content…

  1. Absolutely adorable 🙂 I’m glad you guys washed the fellows. Last times I met some of those critters half their weigh was made of fleas and other juicy parasites… Yikes !

  2. I have Revolution for them. One drop per to get rid of mites, fleas and anything else they might encounter.

    I’m really looking forward to being able to take them out in the yard this summer.

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