Geek Girls Rule! #64 (Sorta) – Leaving for AmberconNW in the morning


All I have to do now is pack:  clothing, gamebooks, characters, notebooks, pencils, dice, erasers, knitting…

Tomorrow morning we drop the hedgepig off at his grandparents’.  And then we head down to Oregon to game all weekend long with 120 of our closest friends. I’m running two games myself and co-gm-ing a third with five other people and 18 players.  It should be interesting.

Go us!

Also, after reading all the The Devil’s Panties, I have decided I miss DragonCon and will find a way to get back there in the coming year.

Now I have to do go do some last minute game prep.  Talk to you all later!!!

One thought on “Geek Girls Rule! #64 (Sorta) – Leaving for AmberconNW in the morning

  1. I hope you have an outrageous backstabbing Amber family time ! I’m quite jealous actually…

    I have to attend the Black Road thingy next year.

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