In Memoriam…

I won’t post his real, full name here out of respect for him.  But I’ll miss him.

I met Thog while working at the club.  He was this great big dorky guy with long hair who danced tirelessly.  Eventually he and some other buddies of ours formed a gaming group with me and the Mister.  We had one campaign that ran for well over two years, and then a couple of shorter campaigns before we all just got busy and drifted away.

He moved around a bit, to New York and eventually Thailand, where he passed away.  We didn’t always get along, and sometimes I thought he was kind of a dick, and ok, it was maybe bad form to try to date one of his ex-girlfriends like that, but I liked him, a lot.  He pretty much said what he felt, which is where some of the dickishness came from, but overall he was one hell of a good guy, and I already miss him.


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