Geek Girls Rule! #40.5 – Conquest Northwest!

Wow!  We had an excellent time at Conquest Northwest this weekend.  We didn’t get there until 11-ish Saturday morning, and after reg-ing we went straight down to the Story Games Lounge, and pretty much stayed there until midnight.

We were in a smallish conference room with a long table and exceptionally comfy chairs.  One end of the table was dedicated to In a Wicked Age for the entire day.  I only played two chapters, but my buddy Jordan jumped in right after getting there, and apparently didn’t play anything else all day.  In fact, during the last chapter of the night, Jordan announced that once he bought the pdf, he didn’t intend to ever play another game.

The first game I played of the day was Don’t Rest Your Head, run by Mr. Geek Girl What Rules.  This has become his favorite pick up game to run.   I played a misanthropic toy store clerk.  Our friend Marcy played a thief with a massive head wound.  Our friend Lukas reprised his character from an earlier game, a lawyer who had recently Awakened.   Marcy’s character ripped off a jewelery store, and once we crossed into the Mad City, her take changed into a glowing ball of gold that was the key to memories.  We walked into the middle of a war between Tock the Clockwork policeman and his men, and the Wax King.  We eventually gave the key to the Wax King in return for all the memories Marcy’s character had lost as a result of her head injury, and the cessation of the war.

While we were playing Don’t Rest Your Head, Joe MacDonald, the creator of “Perfect,” ran The Prince’s Kingdom for my friend Chris, and Alan from Story Games.  Jordan jumped in as a NPC when his first chapter of Wicked Age got done early.  After that, the Mister ran a scenario called “The Kegger” with the Two-Die system, based on the kegger at the end of “Dazed and Confused.”

Then Marcy and I ran out to buy two of the best dice box in the world, of which I will post pictures later.  The Mister and I both have them.  It’s this set of smaller plastic bins which snap into a larger framework, which then snaps together so you can carry it like a briefcase.

When we came back, Marcy and I joined the Wicked Age end of the table, for the first Chapter that Jordan was running.   We had a blast.  Then, Marcy went off to do something else while Jordan and I played in a chapter that Alan ran, and I got to totally screw with Jordan’s character. Mwaa haa haaa!!!

While that was going on, Joe MacDonald ran a session of his new game “Dostoievskayan Murder Ballad.”  Apparently it involves a lot of yelling with thick, fake Russian accents.  It sounded like they were having one hell of a time.

After all that, we recorded a podcast for the Mister’s “Stabbing Contest” Podcast, and then left for home.  Once he gets it up, I’ll link to it here

I’d just like to thank the Con Staff at Conquest Northwest for running a superb gaming convention, and specifically to Sophie (Anenome on Story Games) and Tony Dowler for making the Story Games lounge a reality.  It was a great time, and I met some really great people.

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