Geek Girls Rule! #39 – Teeth, Part-time Sorceresses and sundry errata


Teeth. Go. See. This. Movie. Seriously. It’s a horror movie about Vagina Dentata. How could you possibly not want to see this? Dawn, played by Jess Weixler, is an enthusiastic supporter of her school’s chastity pledge group. When she is raped by a male chastity supporter, something inside her bites off his penis, leading to his death. There are two more emasculations, and one sleazy gynecologist gets his fingers bitten off. The movie takes a very tongue and cheek look at the “dangers” of adolescent female sexuality. The actor who plays the son on Nip/Tuck plays Dawn’s tattooed, pierced Bad-Boy step-brother. The movie is definitely played with an eye toward dark humor. I really liked it, but then again, I really liked “Ichi the Killer,” so take it as you will. One woman in the audience, after it was over, said, “I want that to be MY superpower.” I don’t know about that, but it was one hell of a fun movie.

Ok, because a million, brazillion people have asked me what I think of that “Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress” book, I’ll come clean. I haven’t read it. I don’t intend to read it. It’s not a case of sour grapes. Really.

The deal is:
A. I don’t play D&D. I have a couple of times, but it is not my preferred system. And even though odds are good that I’d get all the humor. It’s just not my thing.

B. I’ve read several excerpts, as people can’t seem to resist mailing them to me, posting them on LJ, whatever. I don’t care for her writing style, I just find the writing in “Sorceress” (or at least the excerpts I’ve read) a little too “Tee hee, see us gamer girls are girls just like you! Tee hee!” for my tastes. Granted, as I’ve said before, I’m not particularly good at being a girl in general, so this could be just me. And the excerpt on gamer “infidelity” just made me gnash my teeth. I have, at any given time, four or more gaming groups. Sometimes the only common denominator between them is me. So I find the concept of being pissed at your fellow gamers for gaming with other people really annoying.

I know, I know, sisterhood and unity and all that, but I just have no interest in the book. So, please quit asking me if I’ve read it, telling me I should read it, etc…

Some events you may want to know about:
I will be at Conquest NorthWest in Bellevue, WA on Saturday February 16th, pretty much all day in the Story Games Lounge. If I can get over the Hacking Cough of Doom enough so that I can speak for more than two sentences without my voice cutting out completely or a massive coughing fit, I will run something. Probably Little Fears as it is my favorite!!! Mr. Geek Girl What Rules will be running Don’t Rest Your Head, and possibly something else. We will only be there Saturday, as Friday night is the Girl Game, and Sunday we have a gaming group. I know for a fact that there will be at least one game of In a Wicked Age.

GameStorm in Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA March 28-30, 2008. The Mister and I will be down there for the whole weekend. His grandparents gave us money for Christmas with the command to spend it on us, not bills. So, we’re gonna go be dorks for a whole weekend in a place with room service. Go us. I know there will be a strong Story Games presence, but I’m not sure who’s running what just yet.

If you’re a gamer girl or boy, I urge you to come check out these events. I’m really looking forward to both. And if you happen to see a short, round redhead wearing all black with bloodshot eyes croaking at someone about something, it’s probably me.

Oh, and if you are in Seattle, the Varsity Theater has held over Teeth. Go see it. As my buddy Aaron said, “I cannot wrap my head around how fucking awesome this movie is!”

4 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #39 – Teeth, Part-time Sorceresses and sundry errata

  1. Um, probably not. Because someone is going to be incredibly, incredibly disturbed by who laughs where.

    It was glorious!!!

  2. I read Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress. I tend to rant so you can disreguard this… I was a little upset. She explained a lot of things about being a sorceress in the DnD universe, but being someone who likes rogue characters… I feel a little shorted. The book is kind of like one big cliche. She compares things to shopping and getting bubble tea. There were magazine style quizzes and brand names I’m completely unfamiliar with and it was more of a “understand what your boyfriend is doing” type thing. I didn’t like how it was told from the perspective of an elven sorceress… I understand that’s her character, but isn’t it a bit stereotypical? It’s like playing Baldur’s Gate all over again and having it be the only female option until part two.
    6 out of 10? I understood it more than the players handbook at times, but dear god, i don’t care about the manicures or the ballenciaga bags you bought last week. It feels like they threw her in there and she’s trying to convert all the girls that work in Hollister. idk. It’s an awkward read if you ever get around to it.

  3. Yeah, that’s kind of what I got from the excerpts people keep sending me trying to get me to read it, and quite frankly, if I want to read Candace Bushnell, I’ll read Candace Bushnell not someone trying to write the gaming version of Sex in the City.

    Besides, that “Just us girls” tone makes my teeth itch.

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