9 thoughts on “THIS is what my eyes currently look like.

  1. I did. Three times. The first two for the coughing, the third for the eyes.

    Burst blood vessels, it’ll take two or three weeks to go away entirely, and the whites of my eyes should turn all sorts of pretty colors, like green and purple, while it’s fading.

    I’m sure there will be more pictures forthcoming. My best friend is a bit of a picture taking machine.

  2. Are you serious? D: Scary. Be sure to take pictures of the green and purple though, that should be interesting if nothing else.

  3. OMG! That looks awful, painful and unpleasant (and yet, strangely sexy too!)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. You know, I keep getting that sexy comment a lot. And I got hit on by a guy in the grocery store this morning, even after he saw my eyes. That was a little weird.

    They just sort of ache, unless I’m just after having another coughing fit, then there’s a sharp stabby pain behind one or the other. Or if I move my eyeballs instead of my whole head to look at something. Or roll my eyes. I paused on Fox News the other day and nearly passed out after rolling my eyes.

  5. “I paused on Fox News the other day and nearly passed out after rolling my eyes.”

    Faux News usually does that to most people who are sane in any event.

    Empathizing on the WolfGirl eyes. I’ve caught conjunctivitis out of nowhere a couple of times, and I just got over the audible equivalent of whatever you’ve got. I literally haven’t been able to speak for a month (long story) and have been doing all communication through email. Good timez.

    Thank Dawg for teh intarwebs.
    (Speaking of which, I’m going to email you about something.)

  6. Yeah, on top of that, I have no voice still. Although we’ve finally hit on the right antibiotics to knock this crap out. So at least I’m not coughing until I puke any more.

  7. My massage therapist friend recomends ice for anything bruised or swollen, maybe a nice ice pack the eyes will help them feel better.
    Get well soon!

  8. I have this Homedics gel pack that you put in the fridge. It is WONDERFUL on my eyes. I get all blissed out just thinking about it.

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