Geek Girls Rule! #36 – The first Geek Girls Rule! Podcast and some other stuff

Yup. Since Mr. Geek Girl What Rules has been doing his podcast, he’s been pestering me to do my own. In the first one I pretty much just talk about why I named the column Geek Girls Rule!, my geek “cred,” the hotness of geek boys, my deep and abiding love for Richie Rich comics and lots of other stuff.

You can find it here:

I’ll be using this site for both these podcasts and the Valerie Strangiato podcasts, so I’m guessing we’ll have that explicit tag before too long. I tried to come up with a name that would incorporate both column names and that just turned into a mess that would probably wind up getting more hits from poor fools looking for porn. So I gave it up and just went with a variation on my LJ name.

I say that about porn because on WordPress I can see what search terms are bringing people to my site, and many of them are in reference to Geek Girl porn of some sort. Geek girls fucking, geek girl pussy, nude geeky girls, etc… I always kind of feel vaguely sad for those people. I mean, here they are looking for teh hot SEXX0RZ and what they get is me ranting about stuff that means nothing to most of them. Poor horny boys. Or girls, you never know.

Speaking of horny, have you seen the clip from season two of Torchwood with John Barrowman and James Marsters making out and then fighting? Holy crap is that hot! The fanfic writes itself, I tell you. Talk about too much pretty in one place. It should be illegal. I am really looking forward to Season 2 of Torchwood. I hope the writing is as good as Season 1.

“In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Seige Tale.” Ok, I adore Jason Statham. I would go to a grunion run if he were emcee-ing. I don’t know if I have the stamina to watch something that looks so unbelievably bad. And I’m trying to figure out how the hell they managed to pull in that many names for it. Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, John Rhys-Davies, Ron Perlman… Is there some sort of blackmail ring involving children and farm animals that directors in Hollywood are running? I don’t know. I’ll probably see it eventually. I mean, I liked “Crank” for fuck’s sake.

Last night at the Seattle Story Games meet-up, Mr. Geek Girl What Rules and I and some other folks played “In a Wicked Age” by Vincent Baker. Well, we played one chapter of a game, since we were hanging out in a bar. It was great! Once we got the mechanics of the conflict system, it went pretty fast. It was a quick and dirty demo session, but from what I gathered. You choose an oracle (of four), draw four cards, that give you your situation for that chapter. Then each of the 3-4 players create characters that are either named or implied by the four cards.

Last night we had as situations a group of angry goat-herders looking for vengeance, a starlit revelry on a hilltop, licentious demons, and the homonculus of a recently deceased sorceror who was more clever than wise. We decided cooperatively that what had happened was the Sorceror summoned the demons, who broke his control and then seduced the goat-herders’ wives. The goat-herders were going to get their women back. I played the lead goat-herder. The Mister played my wife. Our buddy Lucas played the homonculus and his room-mate David played the most Wicked Demon.

You have six “stats,” which you assign dice values D12, D10, D8, D6, D6 or D4, based on how important that are to you (highest to lowest). You use the dice for your two most appropriate stats to settle conflict, with the largest number rolled winning. I could go far more into detail, but it would take far too long. As far as the story went, I was seduced by my wife and the Wicked Demon and the homonculus wound up fleeing sans one arm.

Once we got the conflict system, the game went fast and the system stayed nearly completely out of the way of the story, which is what I’m really looking for in a game.

Soon, I’m hoping to play “Mortal Coil” by Brennan Taylor. It sounds awesome! I’m really digging on the Indie Games.

Eeek! Shark Boy on TNA Wrestling! Gotta go!!!!

6 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #36 – The first Geek Girls Rule! Podcast and some other stuff

  1. I think I have to get that Jack/”Spike” video.

    Thanks for this column. I finally feel like there’s someone out there who would “get” me. 😉

  2. Awww, you seriously just made me blush. Thank you.

    Definitely check out the video. It’s posted in about a million places on LJ, and I’m sure you could find it on Youtube easily enough. It is HAWT!!!!!

  3. I can’t speak to Crank, but I’ve seen In the Name of the King and….you know how bad you think it is?

    Double it. It really is terrible. I mean really, truly, beyond B-movie enjoyment bad. Watching it hurt my soul and my brain.

  4. Thank you. I was supposed to go do an interview with someone for the next one tomorrow, but I have been laid up with the Plague all week, so I cancelled it.

    One day I will be well again.

    I’ll tell Ogre you said so.

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