To Geek or not to Geek…

Actually, the question is what sort of geeking. 

I have a LONG bus commute every weekday, and after chatting with the Boy about the fact that frequently the only thing saving my fellow passengers from agonizing death is the games on my phone, and recognizing that my phone is fairly limited in the number and sorts of games it can hold, we have decided that maybe I should pick up a Nintendo DS or PSP.

Now, most of my friends have the DS (and it comes in pink, squee!), and LOVE games like Animal Crossing.  It also has the games My French Coach and My Spanish Coach, which make me exceptionally happy.  Not to mention the Brain Age games.  I would probably refrain from fighty games on the bus as I’m a “Leaner” when I play those.  So, in the interest of not making other bus patrons want to introduce me to agonizing death, I think we’ll stick to relatively sedate games that won’t make me Lean or spit expletives every thirty seconds.  Yeah, I’m a talker when I play fighty games.  Another reason those are just right out.  No one on my morning commute wants to hear me yelling, “Suck it!  Suck it, Trebek!!!  Take that! Oh, Damn it!”

So right now I’m surfing to see who has what games.  PSP has the Warhammer 40K game.  Ooooooo!  And Marvel Ultimate Alliance, I have that for the Xbox and LOVE IT!!!! 

But DS does have Animal Crossing, MahJong, the Namco Museum game sets with Pac Man and such, and Dementium looks good.  And Castlevania Portrait of a Ruin looks good.  I don’t know. 

Ok, the DS costs about $40 to $70 less initially.  However the games are mostly arond $30.

The PSP costs more initially, but has a lot of $20 games.  Granted, how good those $20 games are, I do not know.

DS has more games. And Nintendo is really good about supporting their platforms, as opposed to Sony who are notorious for dropping platforms very quickly after not fully supporting them. 

Any thoughts?

ETA:  I have friends at Nintendo, as well.  *wink wink*

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