Other state of the Geek GIrl news.

Ok, well, I got 50 pages of THE NOVEL sent off to the agent I spoke with.  I am also working on two other novels simultaneously.  I know, most people don’t do that, but I have this weird ability to seriously multi-task.  Also, when I get blocked or fed up with one, I can move onto another and that usually prevents a full on case of Writer’s Block.

The NOVELS are:
1.  THE NOVEL is a “paranormal romance” involving different magical families, Seattle, the undead and werewolves.
2.  Novel 2 is a contemporary romance with a fat heroine.
3.  Another “paranormal romance” involving witches, the mafia, demons and stalker ex-boyfriends.

Ok.  I need to get back to work, just had to take a quick break from restraining self from strangling boss. 

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