Le Sigh

Looks I won’t be making it to PAX after all.  The Boy’s work forgot to put in the requests for our passes, but that’s ok.  It’ll give me a chance to work on THE NOVEL, do some yard work and just maybe catch up on some sleep. 

However, in other Privateer Related news, the Boy and I just got our Bodgers Brew t-shirts that they did up for GenCon.  The shirts are freaking hilarious.   I don’t know how many are left, if they’ll be selling them on the website or saving them to give away as tournament prizes.  But if you get a chance to grab one, do it.  They’re great!  I’ll post a picture soon.

Also, be on the lookout for Infernal Contraptionz, their new card game.     Not sure if it’s actually out for sale yet, but it soon will be and it looks like a bunch of fun.  

 In other game-related news Unhallowed Metropolis sold out its first printing in pre-sales, which sadly means I don’t have my copy to review yet, but soon.  Brad promised me.  However, the fact that it sold out like that is amazing, and really great news for my buddies at Eos. 

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