The Geek Girl What Rules’ Greatest Hits – GGR #3 Bad Female Gamer Archetypes

I promised you the girls wouldn’t get away scot-free, and I keep my word. 

Last time I skewered a few of the Bad Guy Gamer Archetypes I’ve had the, ahem, pleasure of dealing with in my years as a Girl Nerd.  However, as I observed last time, there are Bad Girl Gamer Archetypes, too.  And yes, I’ve dealt with them as well.  As I’ve mentioned, Girl Gamers are still a relative rarity, which unfortunately makes the Bad Ones stand out that much more.  Well, I promised, so here we go. 

The Girlfriend:  She’s there, she’s not really interested in the game, but HE brought her because one of them seems to think spending more time together will really cement the relationship.  There will be a lot of, “I don’t know, what should I do?” when she’s asked to declare an action, the dice may well confuse her.  This is a best case scenario.   If you’re lucky, she’ll just be bored and disinterested, although more often than not, she’ll be the sub-species known as the Resentful Girlfriend, and can be totally disruptive, leading to dramatic exits and slammed doors, if not overt hostility.  However, every once in a blue moon you’ll get one of these who is an enthusiastic convert and will leap into gaming like she was born to it.  When they break up, you may want to keep her.

The Flibbertigibbet:  This girl loves gaming, but many of you will wish she didn’t.  She always wants to play something, small and cute, preferably that flies.  Pixies, fairies and tiny intelligent robots rank high in her character choices.  If your setting does not provide her with the option of something small and cute that flies that she can characterize with a high-pitched voice and, quite probably, baby-talk, the sulking will be magnificent.  You will have never SEEN a sulk like this.  She will annoy the living daylights out of 99% of other girl gamers, and a good percentage of the male ones, too.  When not gaming, she will often hold forth long discourses on auras and the reality of Fae Magick. 

The Man-Hater:  She’s come to the game with a giant chip on her shoulder.  She exclusively plays strong, tough, independent women who may or may not be lesbians, but who most definitely do not need any man to help them out.  Any suggestion of romantic storylines involving her character will be met with open hostility, both in and out of game.  She will be argumentative and hostile to any male character in a leadership role, and quite possibly worse to any female character run by a male player.  And I hate to admit it, but she seems to be a phase almost all Girl Gamers go through, generally in response to dealing with the aforementioned Bad Guy Gamer Archetypes.  Thankfully, though, most of us grow out of it.

The Man-Eater:  This darling creature (on occasion also a Flibbertigibbet) has figured out that the Gamer Stereotype concerning Gamers being under-sexed nerds has its basis in reality and is out to exploit the Hell out of it.  She favors slinky, seductive characters, her in-character flirting will often get incredibly graphic, and will involve physical contact between her and the other players.  Whether this continues to the real world, is about a fifty-fifty chance, but she’ll know that if it does she’s pretty much got her pick of the boys and will exploit this advantage shamelessly.  Alas, this is another Archetype that many Girl Gamers go through as a phase, and, again, that the majority of us outgrow in time. 

Overly Cautious:  While this Archetype exists in both genders, it is rather more common among female gamers, and I have to admit, I generally fall into this category.  This player seems to have a really hard time really getting into playing a reckless or impulsive character, although they have a tendency to keep trying (I’m getting better). This Archetype will spend hours over-thinking a plan or plot, trying to pinpoint every weak spot or flaw if you let them.  My main GM has taken to humming the Jeopardy theme song at me when I start to do this. In my case, at least, I admit its because I kind of fall in love a little bit with some of my characters, especially if I get really into crafting the backstory.  The same thing happens when I’m writing and I know that the natural outgrowth of the story demands that a certain character die.  I get all girl and weepy about it.  I have on occasion had to take a quick “bathroom break” when a favorite character took a serious injury or died.  And yes, this is a running gag in my gaming groups.  

Bloodthirsty:  Another unisex archetype, but for some reason girls like this tend to take it further over the top than the guys.  She’s generally not overly hostile to any one gender or other character, but will play characters with strong antipathies to other races, species, religions, whatever, and will enthusiastically rush into combat, often to the point of overkill.  All of her characters will have “impulsive” and “bloodthirsty” as flaws, and usually “short-tempered.”  Intelligence is often the dump stat, especially in GURPS, because dropping your IQ gives you 20 character points per level you drop it from ten.  Not to mention the insane amount of points you get from the disadvantages I mentioned above.  And when she kills things, they stay dead.  There will be a lot of the GM announcing the antagonist’s death and the Bloodthirsty one calling out, “I take off its head, just to make sure!  Can I make a hat out of it?  How about a belt from his intestines?”


5 thoughts on “The Geek Girl What Rules’ Greatest Hits – GGR #3 Bad Female Gamer Archetypes

  1. I love this post!

    I don’t think I quite fit into any of these but I do have qualities of many of them. Particularly the man-eater and the man-hater. 🙂 My characters always have mad sex appeal but are fiercely independent loners. My boyfriend is the overly cautious one though. We call him Prometheus. 🙂

  2. Ok. WordPress doesn’t really (or didn’t at the time) give me the option to edit the urls.

    I think it does now, so maybe in the future.

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